Tack Sale

The big BCHW Annual Used Tack Sale will be held again at the fairgrounds in Ellensburg at Rendezvous March 17-19!

This year, because of how the sale has grown over the years, it will be in the big Armory building. Tack Sale volunteers will check in your tack starting at 9:00 a.m. Thursday the 16th until 11:00 am on Saturday.

Before checking in, please mark each item you are selling with your name, cell numbers on saddles (in case someone makes an offer on higher end items) and price. Small items can include name and price only. You will get a check in a couple weeks for items sold minus 15% to BCHW.  We list all your sold items on a sales receipt, that will be emailed to you.

All unsold items must be picked up before noon on Sunday. Any items left will be considered as donated to BCHW and given to a local non-profit horse rescue. If selling saddles, it helps if you bring a saddle rack for display. Please mark your saddle racks with your name and "Not for Sale".  Saddle racks can be picked up with unsold items.

NOTE:  No pricing of items will be allowed in the Armory building.  Worn, unusable or dirty tack will not be accepted or will be donated to the non-profit group.

All info about the Rendezvous is at