July 28, 2018 Cutthroat Pass Ride

July 28-Cutthroat Pass Ride

Mike McGlenn and Rocky Leavitt are planning a ride on July 28, 2018---Ride at Cutthroat  Pass by Rainy Pass.
If you wish to join them and see this trail, contact Mike at mike@mikemcglenn.com or Rocky at rockyleavitt044@gmail.com.
Here is some info from Mike regarding this trail:  It breaks all my ride rules since you trailer the horse longer than you ride him.  But, it is worth it.  It is beautiful, thru the trees then above tree line to some great vistas.  The trail is the North bound Pacific Crest Trail.  From the trailhead to the top is about 1.5 to 2 hours ride.  There are 3 fairly minor creek crossings, two with miniature waterfalls of a couple of feet that do sprinkle the horses feet and legs if the water is running pretty good.
The trail is not real steep, there are rocky sections and a few areas that are sort of narrow.  I have had some pretty green riders do this and enjoy it.  We thought that some of our members that might not have a trailer or might feel their rig couldn’t do this or felt that they themselves didn’t have the confidence to do it by themselves would maybe feel better if they had a couple of more experienced back country riders along to help out if needed.  I can haul two extra horses and people in my rig.  Don’t know who else will be going but this is a good ride to trailer pool if folks horses load well and don’t try to destroy the trailer or the other animals in the trailer.  It is about 125 miles from Nugent’s corner on a good road.
We need to depart Nugent’s corner no later than 0730 in the morning, it is about a 3.5 hour drive. Take a lunch, water, lead ropes and halters along.  A snack or ice chest with a cold dinner might be in order as you get back later than usual.  Horses should have shoes or good boots, my feeling is that there is too much rock for a barefoot horse.  My horse and I are not particularly fast, but we are steady and keep going.