South Chuckanut Ride – Saturday, January 27

We will meet at 9:30 at the Lost Lake/Clayton beach parking lot. It is 4.4 miles south of Old Samish Rd (Bellingham) on Chuckanut drive (HWY 11)

Directions – Chuckanut Mountain - Lost Lake/Clayton beach parking lot

  • Exit Interstate 5 at exit 250,
  • Take Fairhaven Parkway West (toward Fairhaven)
  • Go 325 feet (about a block) from the freeway to the traffic light where 30th intersects Fairhaven Parkway
  • Turn left on 30th (the roller coaster road)
  • Go .9 mile to the intersection with Old Samish Rd where 30th ends
  • Turn right on Old Samish Rd, go .6 mile to Chuckanut Drive
  • Turn left (south) on Chuckanut Drive (WA-11)
  • Go 4.4 miles – note the Larrabee State park entrance but go on by
  • Around the next curve there is a sign ‘Clayton Beach Parking’ and some parking spots at the side of the road
  • Look to the left just beyond the sign (or about 300 feet from the curve, some people miss the sign).
  • Look for a driveway coming in from the left. The driveway is divided, the first side is the exit, go past it to the right side which is the entrance.
  • Pull in and look straight to the back. There is a gate there that allows access to a gravel lot. Go through even if it says private. The park rangers allow rigs to park in this area.
  • No parking pass required

Be sure to clean up after your stock before you leave

The ride will be about an 8.3 mile round trip. Mostly up hill on the way out to an elevation of 1700 feet. Guess what? - the return trip is downhill!

The trails are rocky and most stock will need shoes. If the weather is clear there will be nice views at the top. Also, if the weather is not bad and someone with a chainsaw is willing to go, a few of us may take the long way home. About a 12 mile ride to North Chuckanut.

Questions? call Jackie at 360 318-5509 of email at